22 Jul

Have you ever thought of a girl like the most innocent and cutest person on earth? Read this article to learn how to become Kawaii yourself! kawaiiwow


1 have a kawaii attitude

Don't worry about race and race-it doesn't matter. Even if you are not Asian, you can still become Kawaii. Becoming a Kawaii is not just about race or ethnicity. Your figure is also irrelevant, Kawaii girls can be short, tall, flat, curved or skinny!

2 Keep your attitude.

Cute girls have a sweet and lovely attitude that everyone likes! They giggled and were kind to everyone around them, never fighting, and it was nice to be with people around! Kawaii is to be cute, so find what you like. Hello Kitty is very cute and loved by many people, so this is a good starting point. Don't get something just because it is Kawaii, but get it because you like it.

2 watch kawaii

1 Appearance.

 This is where the innocent, cute image appears. The kawaii girl wore bright, soft clothes and screamed "cute!". Consider clothing such as floral, childish/elegant, fan-shaped design, patterned work clothes, balloon shorts with bows, etc.

When you go shopping, you can find the cutest clothes. Look for color and cuteness, but if you don't love it and don't think it is good for you, please put it back. Don't buy something you don't like just because it is Kawaii.

2 Brightly dressed.

Put a lot of key chains and the like on your backpack or wallet. Children’s robots have some cute stuffed animals. Match it well and make sure your outfit looks good.

Try to find old clothes or old clothes and add laces, bows or other cute attributes.

With some changes, many things that don’t look so cute may look great. For example, you can add cute animal stickers on white sneakers. Try adding lace to ordinary skirts.

3 Do kawaii makeup.

Use black gel and/or liquid eyeliner, pink blush, shiny pink lip gloss and light concealer/foundation. You want clean but innocent makeup. To get quality Kawaii makeup tutorials, watch Jemma Kuma's videos about Kawaii makeup on YouTube.

If you want to follow the kawaii style completely, please don't do anything sexy. For example, don't smoke your eyes.

4 Finish your nails.

If you want good ideas for DIY ideas, look for videos on YouTube. Kawaii girls often wear fake nails, long nails and decorative nails. This may be too much for you, so you must find something that suits you. Manicured nails are also good and can work on many appearances.

Try putting stickers on your nails. Please be careful not to paint on it. If it is better to add them after the nails are dry.

5 Keep your eyes as large as possible.

In the pictures, cute girls always keep their eyes open. You can spread a cold towel on your eyes for about five minutes, and then apply pearl-like eye shadow on your eyelids with wrinkles. Big eyes are cute, but if your eyes are not big, don't worry.

6 Make cute hair.

For hair, please consider "little kid". Braids, ponytails, braids, anything you see in elementary school students. Don't forget to add the bow!

7 Kawaii phone accessories

Please don’t forget, any of your accessories will make you kawaii, Choose pink kawaii case to make you more cute.

3 was kawaii

1 Be yourself.

Use whatever you like, add your own style to the Kawaii style, and then make the style to your liking.

Image titled "Drawing an Anime Girl's Face, Step 8"

2 Try to watch anime.

This is super fun and interesting, something everyone has. Not all battles and such things! For example, try watching "Peach Blossom Girl". it's great!

3 Surround yourself with friends,

Still can not. Really, labels are not important at all. What really matters is how much love and support you have around you.

4 There is an example of Kawaii.

Look around online and you can find the best Kawaii women. Make sure they make the right decision, super good and sweet, and use good language, because cute girls never swear.

Many K-pop and J-pop idols are kawaii, or the clothes they wear may be kawaii. Some look cuter than others. You can copy their dress style, which will make you look cute. Go and see them!

there video can know more

find more at https://www.kawaiiwow.com/blog/